Mauro Bringolf

Currently geeking out as WordPress developer at WebKinder and student of computer science at ETH.

Publishing Conditions: A little blogging plugin

September 22, 2017

For some reason I keep forgetting to add tags and categories to my posts in WordPress. Sometimes I do not even write in the WordPress backend, but only come here to publish things which makes it even more difficult. My intuition from writing code tells me to add a unit test for this case. But oh wait, this is content not software! So I decided to write a small plugin that allows you to setup some sanity checks before publishing posts in WordPress: Publishing Conditions. It should allow users to define a pre-publishing checklist that is automatically verified every time a post is published. The current implementation (v1.0.1) is pretty much tailored to my personal use but I am working on expanding options and usability. This release makes me super happy, because I went from idea to publication in two days, including the review from the official WordPress repository. Have a look on and GitHub!